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Capturing Online Sales for Merchants

Keylite’s online selling initiative is designed to benefit our merchants and is centred around our 100% merchant only policy. Keylite has identified a growing market for online purchases of roof windows. We work to secure this for you, our Merchant Online Partner. So,...

Cash in the Attic

Recently featured in Professional Builder magazine, Cash in the Attic is our feature dedicated to bringing you the latest in loft conversions and feature our loft of the month. Enjoy! With the UK’s housing shortage restricting many homeowners from taking their next...

4 things to look out for before buying a loft ladder

Let's be honest, choosing a loft ladder can be far from exciting. However, it is an important feature for your loft hatch and there are a number of things that you really should look out for when buying Here are our 4 things to look out for when choosing a loft...

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