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Fire Escape/Top Hung Roof Windows


Top Hung

Roof Windows

The Keylite Fire Escape Roof Window opens to 45°, complying with statutory regulations.

This is ideal in low pitch roofs as the window opens outward, maximising the daylight that enters the room without the sash encroaching on your valuable internal space.

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Means of Escape - as means of escape the window opens to an unobstructed area for safe exit, in the event of an emergency. The opening handle located at the bottom is easily accessible.

Easy to Use - the multi-stop opening feature allows the user to simply push the window to any position between 0 - 45° and remain open for maximum flexibility.

Effective Ventilation - this is provided by the vent flap at the top of the window which regulates the air flow, even when the window is closed.

Thermal Performance - Only Keylite windows have an Expanding Thermal Collar, Warm Edge Glazing and a Streamlined Fit as standard, leading to enhanced thermal performance.

*Important: Check with your local Building Control Dept. with regards to the position of the window.

Finish Options

Choose the perfect finish for your Keylite Roof Window. Keylite Roof Windows come in three different finishes: Polar White PVC, White Painted Pine or Clear Lacquered Pine.

Polar White
Our brilliant white PVC profile

Our white PVC profile is exceptionally moisture resistant and is therefore ideal as a maintenance-free solution for every room in the house, including kitchens or bathrooms. Choose Polar for a bright, white, hassle free solution throughout the home.
  • 20 Year Guarantee – Centre Pivot only
  • Premium grade PVC materials
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Efficient

White Painted
Our White Painted roof window is painted with a clean coat of white paint

Our White Painted roof window is painted with a clean coat of white paint, giving it a moisture resistant property. Choose White Painted for a contemporary style which looks great in every room.
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Timber with a clean coat of white paint
  • Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Low Maintenance

Pine Clear
Our standard Pine Finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood

Our standard Pine Finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood, with a hard wearing, clear, satin lacquer applied in multiple coats. Choose Pine for a traditional look or to compliment internal timber features.
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Timber with clear satin lacquer applied in multiple coats
  • Ideal for most interiors
  • Practical and Hard-wearing

Expanding Thermal Collar

Just pull the tapes and the foam expands to fill the gap between the window and the roof timbers

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All Weather Ventilation

Keylite Roof Windows all provide trickle ventilation, even with the window fully closed and securely locked.

Ventilation Filter

The built-in insect filter ensures only clean, fresh air passes into the room.

Easy Installation

Simple, Easy.. Fast. From box to roof in 2 minutes. Keylite innovations combine for faster, easier installation.




All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.


All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.

Roof Window Sizes

Select either Polar White PVC, white or pine finish to reveal roof window sizes

Polar White PVC Finish
Window Size 550x980 550x1180
Thermal PTH-02-T PFE-01C-T
Hi-therm PTH-02-HT PFE-01C-HT
Triple Glazed PTH-02-KTG PFE-01C-KTG
Integral Blind PTH-02-I PFE-01C-I
Window Size 660x1180 780x980
Thermal PFE-03-T PFE-04-T
Hi-Therm PFE-03-HT PFE-04-HT
Triple Glazed PFE-03-KTG PFE-04-KTG
Integral Blind PFE-03-I PFE-04-I
Window Size 780x1180 780x1400
Thermal PFE-05-T PFE-06-T
Hi-Therm PFE-05-HT PFE-06-HT
Triple Glazed PFE-05-KTG PFE-06-KTG
Integral Blind PFE-05-I PFE-06-I
Window Size 940x1400 940x1600
Thermal PFE-07F-T
Hi-Therm PFE-07F-HT
Triple Glazed PFE-07F-KTG
Integral Blind PFE-07F-I
Window Size 1140x1180 1340x980
Thermal PFE-08-T PFE-09-T
Hi-Therm PFE-08-HT PFE-09-HT
Triple Glazed PFE-08-KTG
Integral Blind PFE-08-I PFE-09-I
White Finish
Window Size 550x980 550x1180
Thermal WTH-02-T WFE-01C-T
Hi-therm WTH-02-HT WFE-01C-HT
Triple Glazed WTH-02-KTG WFE-01C-KTG
Integral Blind WTH-02-I WFE-01C-I
Window Size 660x1180 780x980
Thermal WFE-03-T WFE-04-T
Hi-Therm WFE-03-HT WFE-04-HT
Triple Glazed WFE-03-KTG WFE-04-KTG
Integral Blind WFE-03-I WFE-04-I
Window Size 780x1180 780x1400
Thermal WFE-05-T WFE-06-T
Hi-Therm WFE-05-HT WFE-06-HT
Triple Glazed WFE-05-KTG WFE-06-KTG
Integral Blind WFE-05-I WFE-06-I
Window Size 940x1400 940x1600
Thermal WFE-07F-T WFE-07-T
Hi-Therm WFE-07F-HT WFE-07-HT
Triple Glazed WFE-07F-KTG WFE-07-KTG
Integral Blind WFE-07F-I WFE-07-I
Window Size 1140x1180 1340x980
Thermal WFE-08-T WFE-09-T
Hi-Therm WFE-08-HT WFE-09-HT
Triple Glazed WFE-08-KTG
Integral Blind WFE-08-I WFE-09-I
Window Size 1340x1400
Thermal WFE-10-T
Pine Finish
Window Size 550x980 550x1180
Thermal TTH-02-T TFE-01C-T
Hi-therm TTH-02-HT TFE-01C-HT
Triple Glazed TTH-02-KTG TFE-01C-KTG
Integral Blind TTH-02-I TFE-01C-I
Window Size 660x1180 780x980
Thermal TFE-03-T TFE-04-T
Hi-Therm TFE-03-HT TFE-04-HT
Triple Glazed TFE-03-KTG TFE-04-KTG
Integral Blind TFE-03-I TFE-04-I
Window Size 780x1180 780x1400
Thermal TFE-05-T TFE-06-T
Hi-Therm TFE-05-HT TFE-06-HT
Triple Glazed TFE-05-KTG TFE-06-KTG
Integral Blind TFE-05-I TFE-06-I
Window Size 940x1400 940x1600
Thermal TFE-07F-T TFE-07-T
Hi-Therm TFE-07F-HT TFE-07-HT
Triple Glazed TFE-07F-KTG TFE-07-KTG
Integral Blind TFE-07F-I TFE-07-I
Window Size 1140x1180 1340x980
Thermal TFE-08-T TFE-09-T
Hi-Therm TFE-08-HT TFE-09-HT
Triple Glazed TFE-08-KTG
Integral Blind TFE-08-I TFE-09-I
Window Size 1340x1400
Thermal TFE-10-T

Roof Window Comparison Chart

Height (mm) Width (mm)
550 660 780 940 1140 1340


780 01 03A 04A 07A 08A 09A


CK02 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


01 22 23 24 25 26


980 02 03B 04 07B 08B 09


CK04 FK04 MK04 PK04 N/A UK04


02 03 05 15 N/A 12


1180 01C 03 05 07C 08 09C


CK06 FK06 MK06 PK06 SK06 N/A


16 04 06 08 10 N/A


1400 01F 03F 06 07F 08F 10


N/A FK08 MK08 PK08 SK08 UK08


N/A N/A 07 09 11 N/A


1600 01G 03G 04G 07G 08G 09G


N/A N/A MK10 PK10 SK10 UK10


N/A N/A 13 80 N/A N/A

Optional Upgrades

Polar White PVC

On trend modern styling, making it the only window you'll ever need.

White Painted Finish

A fresh and contemporary look. The wipe clean moisture resistant finish is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other humid areas.

Integral Blind

The clever built in shading solution with the blind enclosed between the glass and therefore is protected from moisture, dust or damage.

Electric Operation

Electric Operation Fingertip control for out of reach locations.


Create the perfect solution for your project - Combi, Bi-Lite or Grid.


Designed to complement both renovation & new build projects in a traditional style. It is ideal for use in a period style property.

Smoke Vent

Designed to open automatically in the event of a fire.

Keylite Blinds

Choose easy fitting Keylite Blinds to control light and privacy in your home.

Install Components

Felt and Vapour Collars available.

Glazing Options

Keylite Roof Windows can be supplied with a wide range of glazing variants.

Why Keylite?

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Service & Support

Our technical experts are on hand to advise and assist you at the design and specification stage.

Patented Innovation

Our patents mean that other conventional roof windows do not share many of our extraordinary features.

Up to 20 Year Guarantee*

We are confident that our products will give trouble free performance throughout this period and beyond. *See Guarantee terms

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Great Britain, Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

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