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The real culprit in cold bridging on roof windows is not the double glazing, but it’s what happens around the frame, in the area called - The Gap.

That gap is there because all roof window manufacturers recommend a minimum of 20 millimetres around the edge to allow you to square up the opening and is actually a source of thermal bridging. On a cold day, this can actually contribute to condensation around the frame.

Keylite has taken responsibility for thermally insulating around all of our roof windows, with our unique Expanding Thermal Collar, coming as standard on every roof window we manufacture.

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The Problem

When left un-insulated, the gap in the roof allows a cold bridge through the frame, causing condensation to form on the frame which leads to ugly black mould and heat loss.

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Keylite's Solution

Only with Keylite can you get an Expanding Thermal Collar as standard in all our roof windows, at no extra cost to you. This thermal collar comes integrated into all of our roof windows and expands to fill and fully insulate that gap, meaning no condensation or cold bridging on your roof window.

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