So you have the dilemma of a growing household with ever shrinking space, but you cannot afford the price to upsize? Wouldn’t it be easier to swap the aggravation of moving and utilise the space you already have?

The construction industry is saturated with new build properties, which are great for new buyers on the property ladder, but for those just seeking an extra bit of leg room for a fraction of the cost, an extension may be the answer. Home owners are starting to invest in their properties by extending to create more liveable space with a modern twist and what better way to create the illusion of space with the use of natural light. By using light effectively, it can have the ability to make your new space come to life and feel extra spacious.

Does daylight matter?

We don’t give our great outdoors enough credit, but more and more people are embracing the opportunity to bring the bright outside environment indoors and really open up their properties to a fresher, brighter living space. When constructing an extension, any vertical glazing would is at the furthest point from the original room. Even on the sunniest of days, daylight will struggle to project into in the room, leaving a dull uninviting feel. With the addition of roof windows, you can save the need to turn on a light switch in daylight hours and allow the light to infiltrate deep into the living space creating a deceptively greater area.

Roof windows can allow as much as three times more daylight than a vertical window of the same size.

How does daylight affect you?

We all hear about how the outside environment can have a negative effect on our health through pollution and carbon emissions, but when do we think about how the inside can harm us? You may think that sitting inside working away at your laptop all day with the lights on is fine, but by having a lack of sunlight can really affect our concentration levels and mood over time. Studies have shown that a lack of daylight can have a negative effect on productivity, concentration and learning abilities. In short, natural daylight can have a positive outcome on your wellbeing as a whole just by adding a little bit more natural daylight into your home.

Be clever with the space you have…

It’s not rocket science, the more glazing you add, the more daylight you will enjoy.

Before you start considering how to add daylight in, bear in mind that the positioning of your roof windows will also affect how much daylight you will receive. When redesigning your layout, it is good to understand how the sun moves around your home throughout daylight hours. It is a typical assumption that south- facing windows will enjoy the best natural light and this is correct. In fact many house builders locate their main living rooms to the south, specifying larger windows to really flood the area with natural light and utilise solar gain. Light from the north is blue-toned meaning that it can make a room appear cold. Non- habitable rooms such as bathrooms are positioned here with smaller windows to prevent any heat loss. To get the best result, you could add windows on both sides of a room, which will create an outdoor feel to the room ensuring that the space is well lit.

Choosing the right style…

One important thing to think about before you extend your property is how you want it to look; a mix of the old and new together to create a fresh contemporary look, or an extension which will fit with the original character of the building? You will also need to consider the size and placing, will the extension span two floors, will it be flat or sloped?

No matter the brief or design, different roof window applications can offer optimum daylight and ventilation for every project.

Sloping & Ceilings: Centre pivot or top hung roof windows can provide optimum daylight and ventilation in new build rooms with sloping or vaulted ceilings. The amount of light streaming in to the room below can be determined by size, quantity and position of roof windows. A great way to maximize light would be to add a combination system of two or more windows, or to install a Keylite Dormer System to dramatically increase the natural light flooding into the room.

Flat Roof Window: If your extension has a flat roof, where conventional roof windows could not be used, Keylite has developed a system specifically for this application which allows daylight and natural ventilation to flood into the area beneath. Centre pivot windows are installed to an insulated timber up stand and can be controlled either manually or with a touch of a button by an electric kit.

Atrium Style: Be creative with a flat roof and transform the room with floods of natural light to create a sophisticated atrium style roof window, capable of adding function and style to living spaces. Choose between a Roof Lantern or Flat Roof Apex system for a dramatic enhancement of a flat roof extension.

It is all about the interior

Choosing the correct finish to compliment your new extension can really change the overall look and feel of your living space. Internal finishes are as important as the outside, light walls and ceilings all bounce and reflect daylight into areas that would usually be dark. By choosing a white interior finish window, this will blend perfectly with white ceilings to maximize the use of natural light within the room and also compliment other white windows in your property.

The Keylite Polar White PVC roof window is a long life maintenance free option which combines the bright white finish of PVC with the latest in roof window design to complement the interior décor of a contemporary extension. As PVC has a natural resistance to moisture, the window is able to perform equally brilliantly in a damp environment as in the dry, making them a perfect choice for a kitchen/ bathroom extension. Coupled with a 20 Year Guarantee on the centre pivot option, Keylite Polar is the natural choice for a renovation project.

Power up electric

Ventilation can really make a difference by ensuring stuffy stale air is replaced with fresh air from outside to promote a comfortable and healthy living environment and also reduce overheating in Summer weather. Centre pivot windows installed in out of reach locations can be opened with ease by selecting a solar powered roof window to take complete control. Your roof window can be set at any position you desire, allowing fresh air to circulate just at the click of a button and will shut automatically in the event of rain so you don’t have to worry!

Last but not least… the finishing touches!

Roof windows don’t just bring light into your extension, they also bring warmth. To create a comfortable indoor climate why not add a Keylite blind to give you complete control and optimum comfort. You can make the most of your space and really change the mood by simply adding colourful, bright blinds to control, block and soften daylight. The Keylite Style Collection brings together a range of colours, patterns and fabric options from blackout, dimout and moisture resistant options. Why not go one step further and add a solar powered blind, which is the simple answer to opening and closing blinds in hard to reach areas, utilising free energy from the sun. For a maintenance free option, Keylite offer a roof window with a stylish integral blind which is sealed inside the glass for protection against moisture, dust and damage.

Finally, your roof windows only perform as well as you look after them, so don’t forget to give them a clean now and then to maximise your daylight potential!

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