People traditionally see roof windows as a pitched roof product but now the RMI market increasingly brings builders through the merchant's gates on the lookout for daylighting products for flat roof projects.

In response, Keylite has launched a comprehensive range of products ideal for flat roof home extensions and loft conversions.

This trend is driven by the typical process of adding single storey extensions to the rear of a house with the associated negative effect on the ability of light to penetrate deeper into the home. In the past, these roofs may have been pitched but now an increasing trend towards flat roof extensions has been driven by the availability of new roof window options.

Flat Roof Apex System

We offer customers a range of options, including a modern Roof Apex solution which provides daylighting on a grand scale to create outstanding living spaces. With each apex typically consisting of 4 or 6 Keylite roof windows, often with the upgrade to the spec it represents valuable natural light, flooding the room.

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Keylite Roof Lantern

The Keylite Roof Lantern is the latest flat roof option and is in tune with the very latest design trends for brighter, lighter homes. This type of high performance lantern product was previously only available from specialist companies, but now, thanks to the innovative design and easy assembly features, it is available to everyone.

While this is not a stock product, it represents an opportunity to add value to your home, by engaging with Keylite for a fast turnaround with delivery.

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You can rely on Keylite's technical support team to guide you through all the relevant ordering and installation details.

New Dormer System

House builders are increasingly looking for options which reduce work on site and the new Keylite Dormer System meets this criteria while providing a dramatic new roof window feature in the room. The new system combines conventional Keylite roof windows with a Keylite Roof Dormer frame in a range of layouts.

Ease of installation is a growing concern to builders feeling the squeeze on availability of skills so it is particularly reassuring to know that all of these new daylighting options have been designed for easy installation onsite, without the need for any specialist skills.

To learn more on this and other Keylite systems, please view our brochure.

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