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Dormer System


  • Fully insulated Keylite Dormer frame work.
  • All associated aluminium flashing components required to complete the installation.
  • Colour matched internal decorative trims.

Note: The Keylite Dormer Kit refers only to the frame work, flashings and decorative trims. For complete system, the Roof Windows must be specified seperately. For further information, please contact the Keylite Technical Team.

Dormer System




The Keylite Dormer System opens up the opportunity for a unique fresh air experience with the convenience of the top handle on our Centre Pivot Windows, allowing easy opening to create a well ventilated and bright space.

Available in a configuration of 4 or 6 windows, the Keylite Dormer can be made even more practical with the selection of Electric or Solar powered options for maximum fingertip control.

Follow these steps when choosing a Keylite Dormer System:


Decide if the system you require is a configuration of 4 or 6 roof windows. Special consideration should be given to structural opening sizes.

Note: Check with your local Building Control Department prior to installation.

Note: Roof Pitch must fall within 35°-70° 35-70 roof pitch


Select your Centre Pivot roof windows in size 05, 07C or 08. Choose from:

  • PVC, Pine or White Finish.
  • Glazing options (Hi-Therm Recommended).
  • Integral Blind.

For optimum use, Keylite recommends Solar or Electrically operated Centre Pivot roof windows.

Note: Roof windows are to be costed separately.
Size Code DRX4 05 DRX4 07C DRX4 08 DRX6 05
Individual Roof Window Size WxH(mm) 780x1180 940x1180 1140x1180 780x1180
Structural Opening Size WxH(mm) 1550x2470 1870x2470 2270x2470 2350x2470
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