Energy Efficient Glazing

Choose a high performance glazing option to maximise energy efficiency.

Keylite Roof Windows can be supplied with a wide range of glazing variants including thermal properties, tinted, frosted and self-cleaning glass.

Standard Glazing

Hi-Therm (HT)

  • 4mm toughened outer pane.
  • 18mm Argon gas filled cavity.
  • 6mm inner pane.
  • Ideal safety glazing for windows below 800mm from finish floor level or windows above head height.
  • Improves sound reduction, safety and a reduction in the harmful effects of UV light.
  • Warm edge glazing unit.
Glazing Type Ug W/(m2.K) Rw, r dB g Tv Tuv
HT (Hi-Therm) 1.1 36 64 81 0

Triple (KTG)

  • 4mm toughened outer pane.
  • 10mm Krypton gas filled cavity.
  • 4mm inner pane.
  • 8mm Krypton gas filled cavity.
  • 4mm inner pane.
  • Triple glazing offers a lower U value.
  • Warm edge glazing unit.
Glazing Type Ug W/(m2.K) Rw, r dB g Tv Tuv
KTG (Triple) 0.6 32 55 74 31

Integral (I)

  • An integral blind sealed in the glazing unit, offering protection against moisture and dust.
  • 4mm toughened on outer pane.
  • 20mm Argon gas filled cavity.
  • 4mm inner pane.
  • Options for manual or electrical operation
  • Ideal for kitchens or bathrooms.

Note: U-Value is based on a centre pane measurement. Integral blind glazing unit is manufactured with thermal glazing and is not available with triple or Hi-therm glazing.

Glazing Type Ug W/(m2.K) Rw, r dB g Tv Tuv
I (Integral Blind) 1.1 32 0.74 82 44

Tint Options

Bronze (BRT)

Frosted (FR)

Self-Cleaning (SC)

Finish Options

We offer 3 different internal finishes to suit every environment.


Operation Options

We offer different operations to suit every need.


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