Keylite Roof Windows supports trades with online product training

UK based manufacturer and roof windows specialist, Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite) is offering free online product demonstrations to support merchants and installers throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the pandemic took over people’s lives at the beginning of last year, ever-changing restrictions and limited face-to-face time quickly began to take its toll on the day-to-day running of the construction industry, including all-important product training.

As the industry has had to adapt to remote working and learning, Keylite’s Brand Development Team are offering group and 1-on-1 online training sessions tailored for installers, merchants, universities and colleges, as well as end users and self-builders.

The online sessions have been designed to be concise, informative and interactive, demonstrating just why Keylite is the UK’s leading innovative roof window manufacturer and explaining how to make the most out of the brand’s many unique product features.

The training includes a short introduction by a member of Keylite’s Brand Development Team, which will cover the brand’s awards and achievements before going on to detail Keylite’s product range. The host outlines which roof windows work best in which environments, the benefits of each product, and what trends Keylite is seeing across all sectors.

Some of the key benefits for merchants and installers are Keylite’s pre-fitted Flick-Fit brackets, patented integrated expanding thermal collar, streamlined recessed fit, and sash hinge finger springs, as well as many other features that ensure simple and quick installation “from box to roof in two minutes”.

Keylite understands that training is vital to trades, which is why it has always been renowned for its product demonstrations – with merchants, installers and students alike being able to make the most of its in-factory training facilities.

Online demos provide the opportunity to bring a variety of audiences from the supply chain together, therefore opening up a greater level of interaction through summaries and post-training discussions that can take place via video calls and email.

Keylite is passionate about education at every stage – as the construction industry is constantly evolving, so do the products and methodologies within it, meaning there is always a need for training.

Tom Jarvis, National Brand Development Manager at Keylite Roof Windows comments: “We’re seeing a huge expansion in the type of audiences interested in our demos since going online. Everyone from merchants and installers, right through to end users and even educators have been registering their interest and remaining engaged.

“I believe the industry as a whole appreciates training when it comes to new products and innovation, and ensuring this has continued even throughout the pandemic was something that Keylite knew had to happen. Because of this determination, our relationship with merchants and installers is now stronger than ever.”

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