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Why Keylite?

Roof Windows Reinvented

New Thermal Collar by Keylite

Expanding Thermal Collar

Unlike other roof windows, Keylite's thermal collar is integrated into the window frame. The collar is activated by simply pulling release tabs for a fast insulation solution, solving the issue of the 20mm gap around the window. In this short video, television presenter and building expert Roger Bisby reviews Keylite's patented Expanding Thermal Collar.


Flick Fit Bracket

Roger Bisby demonstrates the benefits of Keylite’s Flick-Fit brackets. The Flick-Fit brackets are pre-fitted, enabling the installer to get the window from the box to the roof in under 2 minutes.

Sash Finger Spring

This unique Keylite feature enables the installer to refit the sash into the frame in one smooth, easy motion. Roger Bisby compares the Keylite Sash Hinge Finger Springs to the sash hinges of other products on the market in this short video.

Streamlined Fit

Every Keylite roof window is recessed as standard, sitting lower in the roof than before. The recessed fit enhances the overall appearance of the roof and improves the thermal performance of the window. The recessed fit is achieved with the use of our standard flashings.

All at no Extra Cost

Keylite offers all these great features as standard, where other roof windows may require the use of additional cost accessories to achieve the same performance as Keylite.

Service & Support

Service & Support

Our technical experts are on hand to advise and assist you at the design and specification stage.

Patented Innovation

Patented Innovation

Our patents mean that other conventional roof windows do not share many of our extraordinary features.

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

We are confident that our products will give trouble free performance throughout this period and beyond.

Buy Online

Buy Online

Only available in England, Scotland and Wales