Keylite QCP Roof Window

QCP Roof Window



The Keylite QCP Roof Window offers enhanced levels of safety and security on the Keylite centre pivot range.

A bottom handle has been incorporated into the design of this window to provide an additional locking mechanism. Furthermore, all glazing borders are fitted with non-reverse screws to prevent ease of access through the glazing pane.


Locking Bolts

The standard plastic locking bolt found at the top of the sash is replaced with a solid metal version. For those windows which only have 1 locking bolt fitted, these will be fitted with 2 metal versions; one at each top corner of the sash.

Feature 1 - Locking Bolt Image

Locking Bolt Thimble

The standard plastic locking bolt thimble is replaced with a metal version on either side.
The locking bolts are also fitted with a protective metal cover/shroud.

Feature 2 - Locking Bolt Thimble Image

ERA 806

Additional ERA 806 press bolts are fitted to the bottom of the sash at each corner. These are supplied with a key to unlock. The keys will be tied up like the blinds tag to stop them from being misplaced or snapped in the lock whilst installing the window.

Feature 3 - ERA 806 press bolts  Image

Frame Hinge Screws

Frame hinge screws are replaced with frame hinge bolts which are secured using spigot nuts from the outside of the frame.

Feature 4 - Frame Hinge Screws Image

Non-Reverse Screws

All glazing borders are fitted with non-reverse screws, this means any glazing related issue will have to be resolved using a replacement sash, not reglazed on site.

Feature 5 - Non-Reverse Screws Image

Top Hung Handle

All sizes will be complete with 2 Top Hung handles and keeps, apart from the 550mm wide frames, which will only have one handle and one keep in the centre.

Feature 6 - Top Hung Handle Image

The Keylite QCP window is tested to PAS 24:2012 and has attained a pass for all aspects of this testing programme.

Expanding Thermal Collar

Just pull the tapes and the foam expands to fill the gap between the window and the roof timbers

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All Weather Ventilation

Keylite Roof Windows all provide trickle ventilation, even with the window fully closed and securely locked.

The built-in insect filter ensures only clean, fresh air passes into the room.

Easy Installation

Simple, Easy.. Fast. From box to roof in 2 minutes. Keylite innovations combine for faster, easier installation.




All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.


All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.

Roof Window Comparison Chart

Height (mm) Width (mm)
550 660 780 940 1140 1340


780 01 03A 04A 07A 08A 09A


CK02 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


01 22 23 24 25 26


980 02 03B 04 07B 08B 09


CK04 FK04 MK04 PK04 N/A UK04


02 03 05 15 N/A 12


1180 01C 03 05 07C 08 09C


CK06 FK06 MK06 PK06 SK06 N/A


16 04 06 08 10 N/A


1400 01F 03F 06 07F 08F 10


N/A FK08 MK08 PK08 SK08 UK08


N/A N/A 07 09 11 N/A


1600 01G 03G 04G 07G 08G 09G


N/A N/A MK10 PK10 SK10 UK10


N/A N/A 13 80 N/A N/A
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Our technical experts are on hand to advise and assist you at the design and specification stage.

Patented Innovation

Our patents mean that other conventional roof windows do not share many of our extraordinary features.

10 Year Guarantee*

We are confident that our products will give trouble free performance throughout this period and beyond. *See Guarantee terms

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