Polar PVC Cut Corner Roof WindowThe new Polar White PVC Roof Window range from Keylite which launched in June is already making a big impact in the market as it meets so many of the industry’s needs in one package.

House builders are fully familiar with the benefits of PVC frames for their sash windows but now they can access the benefits of the Keylite range for the first time in a PVC roof window. The launch of the Polar PVC range compliments the big swing towards white roof windows for a fresher, more contemporary look in the home, where they co-ordinate perfectly with white ceilings and other PVC frames.

Polar got off to a great start by winning Housebuilder Magazine’s award for Best Brand New Product which reflects the thousands of hours research and development time invested when perfecting it.

The new window has many practical features including a reduction in visible fixings on the exterior which enhance its appearance for that all important kerbside appeal. The overall result is a product which offers multiple benefits on a range of levels.

Keylite’s John Duffin explains its success;

“Polar has really hit a chord with builders because they are already completely sold on the benefits of PVC windows, so the option to move from timber to PVC on roof windows is very attractive.


One great aspect is Polar’s ability to provide a solution for every room in a house so it is effectively the only roof window range required throughout a build, simplifying the sourcing and ordering process.

This versatility comes from the moisture resistant performance of the PVC frame, making it the ideal choice for use in bathrooms, en suites or kitchens.

The benefit is that minimum maintenance will be required thanks to its wipe clean surface. This is great news for home owners as it removes the inevitable maintenance which would be required over time on a painted window installed in the same conditions.

Practicality on site

The rapid increase in the use of white roof windows has presented installers a number of challenges on site.

The move from a lacquered pine finish to a white painted finish raised some issues surrounding practicality because the surface is obviously more exposed to the risk of marking or scratching during that first fix and the subsequent plaster boarding out process.

With Polar however the bright white PVC finish is highly resistant to the odd knock during installation and the easily wiped clean finish greatly reduces the clean-up process where dirty finger marks are inevitable.

Polar also features all the usual Keylite easy fitting features including pre-fitted brackets and as a result is attracting house builders with its practicality and value.

Thermal performance

Polar’s frame and sash are produced with a thermally efficient multi-chambered PVC profile and a choice of glazing options are available giving U-values as low as 1 Wm2/K. However, any energy efficient product is only as good as its installation. This is where Polar really performs thanks to the expanding thermal collar which is built into the frame.

The collar expands to fill the 20mm gap which must be left around the window. Without this feature the window would be exposed to thermal bridging which is increasingly a source of condensation and mould growth, even in new homes, as air tightness has increased.

Polar is now available in centre pivot and top hung formats and a wide range of options including electric operation will accommodate every application.


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