Keylite’s latest innovative solutions to current industry issues are designed to address the needs of the specifier.

Our new roof windows have been inspired by the specifier’s need to maximise the thermal efficiency of a building’s fabric as an aid to achieving Part L by reducing thermal bridging and heat loss.

Keylite’s research on the impact that roof windows make on cold bridging found that many roof windows are fitted without their recommended insulation collar accessory, leaving them poorly insulated in the roof structure.

Keylite’s patented solution to the problem of thermal bridging is a totally unique Expanding Thermal Collar, which is built into the window frame as standard. When activated, the collar expands around the window, fully insulating the Keylite window into the roof to prevent thermal bridging.

This innovation is highly relevant because as the thermal efficiency of other detailing in the building is improved it accentuates the weakness of poor insulation at other junctions which can result in condensation forming with the potential for staining or ugly mould growth.

In addition to the assurance of thermal performance, Keylite has enhanced the exterior aesthetic appeal by enabling their roof windows to be fitted lower as standard for a more streamlined appearance in the roof.

The BBA approved centre pivot windows are available in Pine or White painted finishes and other innovative options include an Integral Blind window where the blind is contained within the glazed unit with electric versions available for maximum solar control.

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