Recently featured in Professional Builder magazine, Cash in the Attic is our feature dedicated to bringing you the latest in loft conversions and feature our loft of the month. Enjoy!

With the UK’s housing shortage restricting many homeowners from taking their next step on the property ladder, more and more people are looking to extending with a loft conversion. This is also encouraged by the extra 20% value it adds to their home, and even more in London where every extra inch counts.

This generates a steady stream of homeowners willing to engage builders to deliver these projects. Specialist UK loft converters alone have a turnover of £180 million, and when you add in the lofts converted by jobbing builders you can see this is a valuable opportunity for everyone in the trade.

Loft conversions vary greatly in terms of complexity, depending on the roof type and the need to provide secondary structural support for the roof and floor. There is also a whole raft of building regulations to comply with so good technical advice is essential.

Choosing a quality roof window is also an important step and there is now some serious competition for your business. Look for products designed with the installer in mind.

Keylite, for example have smoothed out the hassles that make the installer’s job more difficult than it needs to be. Features like pre-fitted brackets and a flick fit detail have simplified the task considerably.

Value is always important, so check how much you will be charged for items like thermal collars or recessed fit.

Loft of the month

Builder: Magic Lofts Ltd, Cwmdare

Roof windows used: 3 Keylite Pine Centre Pivot 78cm X 140cm

Project Details: Magic Lofts delivered a bright airy interior in this combined bedroom/living loft space. It was a challenge to make the most of this narrow 8m long loft, so to maximise the floor space they built a side dormer to accommodate the stairwell.

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