When it comes to choosing roof windows you have a lot of options.

It’s natural to want a good deal on everything you buy but it’s harder sometimes to evaluate if you are buying the best value option because that knowledge is only gained after you have actually experienced the product first hand.

At one end of the price scale, there are plenty of budget centre pivot windows around, typically with bottom handles and lower U values than the leading brands. While the price of these budget windows might seem attractive, it doesn’t mean that you are buying into great value for the end user or a great installation experience.

At the other end of the scale are the premium branded windows which the majority of installers have been using for years as a matter of habit, so it’s a fair assumption to say that they may not have experienced other windows lately to make a judgement on the value of their current choice.

For example, Keylite’s new maintenance free Polar range includes a built-in thermal collar plus the window can be installed lower in the roof using just the standard cost flashings. Keylite Polar also has pre-fitted brackets to help installers get the job done efficiently.

Compare this to your current choice and you can start to see why it pays to investigate the value which your favourite roof window is actually delivering.


Loft of the Month

Builder: Topline Construction

Roof windows used: White Painted Centre Pivot (940mm x 1600mm)

Project Details: Topline Construction used a number of white painted centre pivot roof windows to create a bright and airy living and bedroom space.  The white painted interior ties in with the simplistic styling within the house. Through the use of roof windows, it allows this homeowner to make more use of the natural daylight available.

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