We all know that over time, the need for some maintenance on timber finishes is to be expected.

However you are bound to have come across pine roof windows where the finish has not been maintained. This may be because the window was inaccessible or perhaps the homeowner wasn’t particularly keen on DIY.
The good news is that loft converters can now access a totally new breed of PVC roof windows which offer a ‘fit and forget’, maintenance-free experience. This option is now a reality even for the highest humidity rooms such as the loft conversion en-suite shower.

While the latest white painted roof windows may offer improved moisture resistance they cannot match the standard of PVC, which remains maintenance free for the whole life of the window.

Keylite’s new Polar PVC range delivers all these benefits at a similar cost to white painted windows but also enhance performance with warm edge glazing and a built in thermal collar.

With most householders already bought into the appearance and easy care nature of modern PVC windows, it is a natural progression to select PVC roof windows for their new loft conversion. Bright white frames will coordinate perfectly with the ceiling finish adding to the bright airy interior. The loft converter also benefits from the fact that Keylite develop their products with the installer in mind with a host of easy fitting and extra value features.

Loft of the month

Builder: Shrewsbury Lofts

Roof windows used: 3 Keylite Conservation Top Hung 68cm x 118cm

Project Details: Shrewsbury Lofts were brought in to convert the top floor of this garage into an bright and airy self-contained living and bedroom area. Due to the oak framed timber finish of the house and garage, the Keylite Conservation windows and flashings complimented the dark features of the period architecture.

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