Roof windows are already likely to be your automatic choice when a pitched roof application requires daylight and ventilation. Over the years we have all found them to be a simple, compact solution.

You might say “if it’s not broken, why change it” and be tempted to keep using the same old products, but in reality, it’s in your interest that manufacturers keep pushing to make improvements in their products by reacting to the feedback they receive from their installers.

A good example of this is the big swing to White roof windows driven by the demand for brighter, whiter interiors. This creates a new challenge for installers when dealing with a white product on a building site, to be able to keep it in pristine condition through to client handover.

At Keylite we responded to this challenge with the new bright white Polar PVC window which is totally wipe-clean so the inevitable dirty finger marks will just wipe away and the odd bump won’t mark the white finish.

Another example is that most roof windows offer nothing in the way of built-in insulation around the frame, but now building regulations require attention to thermal bridging at all building junctions. In response, every Keylite roof window is now pre-fitted with an expanding thermal collar which instantly improves the installation compared to windows which are fitted without insulation around the frame.

These are just a few of reasons for you to consider changing to the latest innovations available in the market.

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Loft of the month

Builder: Sky Lofts, Farnborough

Roof windows used: 6 Keylite Integral Blind white Top Hung windows

Project Details: Sky Lofts made a big impact with this superb fully fitted conversion which utilized every inch of space in this compact loft. Keylite’s unique Integral blind window enabled them to provide privacy and solar control in the most compact and practical way, ideal in this restricted space.

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