Old Railway Quarter

Old Railway Quarter, a development of 94 new build apartments, lies on the site of the former Great Western Railway works in Swindon. This attractive development includes the conversions in Chain Testing House – a spectacular redevelopment of the original historic GWR railway buildings. The apartments provide a perfect open living arrangement and form part of a mixed use area which combines residential, office, retail and recreational space.

A total of 350 items were provided by Keylite for this stunning build, including conservation windows, smoke vent kits, flashings and installation accessories. The vision for these properties was to restore them to their former glory whilst achieving a modern look, the result of which is a 21st century architecture which is unrivalled in the town.

Keylite Conservation windows were chosen as the dark flashing was a perfect fit with the solar panels selected for the build. This unique design of solar panels interchanged with the low profile of Keylite roof windows along the roof provides a streamlined elegance to the build. The removal of the Georgian bar was a specification choice as it fitted perfectly with the design aim of the project to restore the building to its glory with a modern touch.


125 x Conservation Roof Windows (Georgian bar removed)

9 x Smoke vent kits

Combination of slate roof flashing and combi slate roof flashing & complete installation packages


Contractor – Thomas Homes

Merchant – Buildbase Civils & Lintels (Westbury)

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